Current decay

Current decay
Current decay.
(Источник: «Металлы и сплавы. Справочник.» Под редакцией Ю.П. Солнцева; НПО "Профессионал", НПО "Мир и семья"; Санкт-Петербург, 2003 г.)


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  • Decay-Missing-Filled index — (DMF) is one of the most common methods in oral epidemiology for assessing dental caries prevalence as well as dental treatment needs among populations. This index is based on in field clinical examination of individuals by using a probe, mirror… …   Wikipedia

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  • decay — /dəˈkeɪ/ (say duh kay) verb (i) 1. to fall away from a state of excellence, prosperity, health, etc.; deteriorate; decline. 2. to become decomposed; rot. 3. Physics a. (of a radioactive substance) to transform into a daughter product. b. (of an… …   Australian English dictionary

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  • Proton decay — In particle physics, proton decay is a hypothetical form of radioactive decay in which the proton decays into lighter subatomic particles, usually a neutral pion and a positron. Proton decay has not been observed. There is currently no evidence… …   Wikipedia

  • C-decay — refers to a Young Earth Creationist proposal that the speed of light was over a million times faster within the last 10,000 years, immediately following the creation of the universe, and has been slowing down since then in a logarithmic decay. By …   Wikipedia

  • Alpha decay — 2 less. For example:(The second form is preferred because the first form appears electrically unbalanced. Fundamentally, the recoiling nucleus is very quickly stripped of two electrons to neutralize the ionized helium cation.)An alpha particle is …   Wikipedia

  • Double beta decay — is a radioactive decay process where a nucleus releases two beta rays as a single process. In double beta decay, two neutrons in the nucleus are converted to protons, and two electrons and two electron antineutrinos are emitted. In the process of …   Wikipedia

  • Flavor changing neutral current — In theoretical physics, flavor changing neutral currents (FCNCs) are expressions that change the flavor of a fermion current without altering its electric charge. If they occur in the Lagrangian, they may induce processes that have not been… …   Wikipedia


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