• 21A Rite of Swords , Морган Райс (2013)
    In A RITE OF SWORDS (Book #7 in the Sorcerer's Ring), Thor grapples with his legacy, battling to come to terms with who his father is, whether to reveal his secret, and what action he must take. Back… 59.9 руб электронная книга

  • 22The Pelican Brief , Джон Гришэм (2007)
    От издателя:Two Supreme Court Justices Justices are dead. Their murders are connected only in one mind, and in one legal brief conceived by that mind. Brilliant, beautiful and ambitious, New Orleans… 192 UAH

  • 23Journey to the Centre of the Earth , Verne Jules (2012)
    The father of science fiction, Jules Verne, invites you to join the intrepid and eccentric Professor Liedenbrock and his companions on a thrilling and dramatic expedition as they travel down a secret… 318 руб

  • 24Dictator , Harris Robert (2016)
    Laws are silent in times of war. (Cicero). There was a time when Cicero held Caesar`s life in the palm of his hand. But now Caesar is the dominant figure and Cicero`s life is in ruins. Exiled… 772 UAH

  • 25American Constitutional History: A Brief Introduction , Jack Fruchtman
    American Constitutional History presents a concise introduction to the constitutional developments that have taken place over the past 225 years, treating trends from history, law, and political… 6945.83 руб электронная книга