• 1The Butler Speaks , Charles MacPherson (2013)
    Widely considered a world expert in butlering, Charles MacPherson lays out the essentials of household management in this wonderfully illustrated style, entertainment and etiquette guide. For anyone… 3046 руб

  • 2Google Speaks. Secrets of the World's Greatest Billionaire Entrepreneurs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page , Janet Lowe
    Praise for Google Speaks«It's not hard to see that Google is a phenomenal company....At Geico, we pay these guys a whole lot of money for this and that key word.» –Warren Buffett «Google rocks. It… 1559.96 руб электронная книга

  • 3Warren Buffett Speaks. Wit and Wisdom from the World's Greatest Investor , Janet Lowe
    When Warren Buffett Speaks. . . people listen.«If people want to improve their investing skills, it has to help to study how the Master does it. This short book outlines Buffett's philosophy and… 1947.28 руб электронная книга

  • 4Monty Python Speaks! , Morgan David (2019)
    The complete oral history of Monty Python - one of comedy's most legendary and influential troupes - publishing to coincide with the 50th anniversary of their BBC debut. With their dead parrots, holy… 1201 руб

  • 5The Aeroplane Speaks , Barber H (2011)
    Книга представляет собой репринтное издание. Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться… 1308 руб

  • 6Burned Alive: A Survivor of an "Honor Killing" Speaks Out , Souad (2005)
    When Souad was seventeen she fell in love. In her West Bank village, as in so many others, sex before marriage is considered a grave dishonor to one's family and is punishable by death. This was her… 249.5 руб

  • 7Бог един Духовная трансформация общества Беседы Бхагавана Шри Сатья Саи Бабы 2008 года Sathya Sai Speaks Volume LXVI , Бхагаван Шри Сатья Саи Баба (2015)
    В предлагаемой книге Шри Сатья Саи Баба вскрывает проблемы, существующие в современном социуме и не дающие развиваться и процветать как обществу в целом, так и отдельной личности. Он выявляет причины… 170 руб

  • 8Ai Weiwei Speaks , Hans-Ulrich Obrist (2016)
    Ai Weiwei - artist, architect, curator, publisher, poet and urbanist - extended the notion of art and is one of the world's most significant creative and cultural figures. In this series of… 746 руб

  • 9Stieg and Me , Gabrielsson Eva (2011)
    There is only one person who can tell Stieg Larsson's story other than himself - his lifelong companion and muse, Eva Gabrielsson. Here she tells the story of their 30-year romance, of Stieg's… 1217 руб

  • 10The Russian Interpreter , Frayn Michael (2015)
    Raya is a mercurial Moscow blonde who speaks no English, and the affair she is embarking upon is with Gordon Proctor-Gould, a visiting British businessman who speaks no Russian. They need an… 948 руб

  • 11Selling Sucks. How to Stop Selling and Start Getting Prospects to Buy! , Frank J. Rumbauskas, Jr.
    Praise for Selling Sucks«Whew! A terrific new book that blows the lid off the old-school methods of selling-which don't work anymore-and shows you how to make sales almost like magic! I love this… 1717.04 руб электронная книга

  • 12The Russian Interpreter , Frayn Michael (2015)
    Raya is a mercurial Moscow blonde who speaks no English, and the affair she is embarking upon is with Gordon Proctor-Gould, a visiting British businessman who speaks no Russian. They need an… 1226 UAH

  • 13Mutton , India Knight (2013)
    Clara Hutt is forty-six yean old and in pretty good nick, considering. She has kick-ass underwear, a large and loving family, and a healthy sense of what matters in life. Until Gaby moves in. Gaby's… 610 руб

  • 14Frankenstein: Level 1 (+ CD-ROM) , Mary Shelley (2013)
    "My name is Victor Frankenstein" . On a ship in the Arctic, Victor Frankenstein - ill and tired - tells the story of his sad life to the British man of science, Robert Walton. He talks of his family… 878 руб

  • 15Degas , Boureanu Radu (1983)
    DEGAS belonged to the group of Impressionists, but he was above all a painter of the human figure, unlike his friends who devoted themselves chiefly to landscape. His artistic aims, however, were the… 330 руб

  • 16Oxford Bookworms Library 1: The Elephant Man , Tim Vicary (2007)
    Help your students read their way to better English with this new edition of the world's best graded readers - now with a new range of World Stories, fully revised Factfiles, more audio, and new… 438 руб

  • 17The Collected Poems of Thomas Hardy , Thomas Hardy (2008)
    Thomas Hardy started composing poetry in the heyday of Tennyson and Browning. He was still writing with unimpaired power sixty years later, when Eliot and Yeats were the leading names in the field… 373 руб

  • 18The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats , W.B. Yeats (2000)
    W. B. Yeats was Romantic and Modernist, mystical dreamer and leader of the Irish Literary Revival, Nobel prizewinner, dramatist and, above all, poet. He began writing with the intention of putting… 373 руб

  • 19The Last Days of Dogtown , Anita Diamant (2006)
    The tiny rural backwater of Dogtown nestled on Cape Ann and hugging the Massachusetts coast line, is a place that is reputedly dying, but its few remaining inhabitants show an enduring spirit that… 504 руб

  • 20The Birth of Tragedy , Friedrich Nietzsche (2011)
    'Yes, what is Dionysian? - This book provides an answer - "a man who knows" speaks in it, the initiate and disciple of his god'." The Birth of Tragedy" (1872) is a book about the origins of Greek… 528 руб