• 1Resolved , Tanebaum Robert (2003)
    Вниманию читателей предлагается остросюжетный детектив Роберта К. Таненбаума "Решено" на английском языке. Жестокий убийца сбежал из тюрьмы с помощью арабских террористов и жаждет свести счеты с… 441 руб

  • 24D Electron Microscopy , Ahmed H. Zewail (2009)
    The modern electron microscope, as a result of recent revolutionary developments and many evolutionary ones, now yields a wealth of quantitative knowledge pertaining to structure, dynamics, and… 12366 руб

  • 3Le Bal , Irene Nemirovsky (2007)
    "Le Bal" depicts the life of the Kampfs who, having recently gone up in the world thanks to luck with the stock decide to throw a ball in order to launch themselves into society. Their daughter… 710 руб

  • 4The Courage Of The Commonplace , Mary Raymond (Shipman) Andrews (1943)
    It came to him in a vague, comforting way that probably the best game a man could play with his life would be to use it as a tool to do work with; to keep it at its brightest, cleanest, most… 679 руб

  • 5With My Body , Gemmell Nikki (2013)
    In 2003 Nikki Gemmell created a sensation when, writing under the tag Anonymous, her novel The Bride Stripped Bare became a literary phenomenon, with its raw and unflinching depiction of female… 621 руб

  • 6Winter of the World , Follett Ken (2012)
    Five linked families live out their destinies as the world is shaken by tyranny and war in the mid-twentieth century. Berlin in 1933 is in upheaval. Eleven-year-old Carla von Ulrich struggles to… 1131 руб

  • 7A Gentle Creature and Other Stories , Федор Достоевский (2009)
    In these three stories Dostoevsky explores both the figure of the dreamer divorced from reality and his own ambiguous attitude to utopianism, themes central to many of his great novels. In White… 619 руб

  • 8Grand Canyon Impressions: An Impressionistic Photography Study , Paul B. Moore (2012)
    Contains 63 color images - this work is entirely pictorial. From the first instant that I saw the work of Monet and Renoir in an art galley decades ago I was astonished and admired the work so… 540.9 руб

  • 9Diamond Stories: Enduring Change on 47th Street , Renee Rose Shield (2002)
    Sequestered within the heart of a cosmopolitan city is an exotic world-a place where diamonds, astronomically priced, are bought and sold on the strength of a handshake, and business disputes are… 1782.9 руб

  • 10The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , Douglas Adams (2002)
    HE HITCHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY: One Thursday lunchtime the Earth gets demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass. For Arthur, who has just had his house demolished, this is too much. Sadly… 1349 руб

  • 11The Enchanted Castle , E. Nesbit (1998)
    When Jerry, Jimmy and Cathy discover a tunnel that leads to a castle, they pretend that it is enchanted. But when they discover a Sleeping Princess at the centre of a maze, astonishing things begin… 236 руб

  • 12Hypnos , Howard Phillips Lovecraft
    Hypnos is a first-person narrative written from the perspective of an unnamed character living in Kent, England. The narrator writes that he fears sleep, and is resolved to write his story down lest… руб электронная книга

  • 13Larfleeze: Volume 1: Revolt of the Orange Lanterns , Keith Giffen, J. M. Dematteis (2014)
    Larfleeze has been the sole wielder of the orange light of avarice for millennia, and that's just the way he likes it. After all, why should the great Larfleeze have to share his power? That is until… 1171 руб

  • 14The Dirty War , Anna Politkovskaya (2007)
    The Chechen War was supposed to be over in 1996 after the first Yeltsin campaign, but in the summer of 1999 the new Putin government decided, in their own words, to "do the job properly" . Before all… 1758 руб

  • 15Договорись с собой… и другими достойными оппонентами , Юри Уильям (2015)
    О книге Эта книга - первый шаг к любым эффективным переговорам и разрешению конфликтов. Уильям Юри, соавтор международного бестселлера "Переговоры без поражения", в своей новой книге задается… 857 руб

  • 16Architecture: The Story of Practice , Dana Cuff (1992)
    Although architecture is the fastest-growing profession in America, its private context remains shrouded in myth. In this book, Dana Cuff delves into the architect's everyday work world to uncover an… 569.7 руб

  • 17Aunt Rose Comes to Stay: Level 1 , Barbara Mitchelhill (2005)
    Holly and Tom are expecting a visit from Aunt Rose. These two family stories tell of the preparations and the visit itself, when a misunderstanding is resolved with warmth and good humour. "Macmillan… 454 руб

  • 18Aunt Rose Comes To Stay: Young Explorers: Level 1 , Barbara Mitchelhill (2005)
    Holly and Tom are expecting a visit from Aunt Rose. These two family stories tell of the preparations and the visit itself, when a misunderstanding is resolved with warmth and good humour. Macmillan… 461.7 руб

  • 19The Great Comedies& Tragedies , Уильям Шекспир (2005)
    От издателя:The Comedies with Introductions by Judith Buchanan. These Comedies are among the best loved of Shakespeare&# 039;s plays. In each a problem emerges, is then intensified to a point of… 172 UAH

  • 20The Portrait of a Lady , James Henry (2012)
    She knew of no wrong that he had done; he was not violent, he was not cruel; she simply believed that he hated her. When Isabel Archer, a beautiful, spirited American, is brought to Europe by her… 655 руб