red body

  • 1Red April , Roncagliolo S. (2018)
    Felix Chacaltana Saldivar is a hapless, by-the-book prosecutor living in a small town, six-hundred kilometers from Lima. Until now he has led a life in which nothing exceptionally good or bad has… 599 руб

  • 2Red April , Roncagliolo Santiago (2018)
    The war against the Shining Path is over. Yet when a charred and mutilated body is discovered during Carnival, the people of the small town of Ayacucho understand that death has once more returned to… 847 руб

  • 3Traces of Red , Christine Campbell
    Traces of Red is the sum of several interwoven stories about an abandoned baby, two missing young women, a missing husband ... and a dead body. Why did one of them abandoned a baby in an Edinburgh… 2347 UAH

  • 4Careless in Red , Элизабет Джордж (2009)
    От издателя:It is barely three months since the murder of his wife. Walking the cliffs of Cornwall in an attempt to recover from his loss, the last thing Thomas Lynley expects to find is a body. At… 218 UAH

  • 5The Gold Collection: Taming The Argentinian: A Taste of the Untamed _ The Untamed Argentinian _ Taming the Last Acosta , Susan Stephens
    A Taste of the Untamed Notorious polo champion Nacho Acosto is restoring his sprawling Argentinian vineyard and he needs a sommelier who can match his exacting tastes… In spite of her inexperience… 636.63 руб электронная книга

  • 6Cold Earth , Cleeves Ann (2017)
    Cold Earth is the seventh book in Ann Cleeves bestselling Shetland series - a major BBC One drama starring Douglas Henshall. In the dark days of a Shetland winter, torrential rain triggers a… 628 руб

  • 7Dust , Patricia Cornwell (2014)
    After working on one of the worst mass killings in US history, Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta returns home to recover, but an unsettling call drives her straight back to work. The body of a… 878 руб

  • 8Stress Management For Dummies , Allen Elkin
    Tired of letting stress have a negative impact on your life? Easy. It's impossible to get through life without encountering stress. And unfortunately, most of us learn the incorrect ways to cope with… 1498.06 руб электронная книга

  • 9100 самых знаменитых джазменов (CDmp3) (2007)
    Часть 1 Ambrose (1934-37) Then I'll Be Tired Of YouArtie Shaw (1938-1941)Nightmare (Artie Shaw)Art Tatum (1944)Cocktails For Two (Art Tatum)Barney Bigard (1929-1947)Step Steps Up (Barney Bigard)Benny… 221 руб

  • 10Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child , Annie West
    He’s forgotten their past, but not her body… A lavish masquerade ball is no place for plain-Jane receptionist Carys Wells. Used to being unnoticed by the glitterati, Carys feels vulnerable and… 365.57 руб электронная книга

  • 11Kenny Scharf: Kolors , Kenny Scharf (2013)
    Published on the occasion of Kenny Scharf's (born 1958) exhibition Kolors at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York, this publication presents the artist's new body of Pop-Surrealist work, which… 459 руб

  • 12Grave Surprise , Charlaine Harris (2008)
    A bolt of lightning struck Harper Connelly when she was 15, leaving her with a strange spider web of red on her torso and right leg, episodes of weakness, shakes and headaches - and an ability to… 573 руб

  • 13Fabulous Frocks , Sarah Gristwood (2008)
    No item of clothing has endured for longer than the dress. Yet the last century alone has seen the most radical changes of style - hemlines swinging from ankle to thigh; outlines alternating between… 2846 руб

  • 14Black Hills , Dan Simmons (2011)
    Paha Sapa,'Black Hills', is a Red Indian shaman who as a young boy at the Battle of Little Bighorn takes the ghost of the dying General Custer into his own body. Sixty years later as an old man… 709 руб

  • 15Malice , Jackson Lisa (2005)
    The scent is unmistakable: the perfume that his beautiful first wife, Jennifer, always wore. Opening his eyes in the hospital room, New Orleans detective Rick Bentz sees her standing in the doorway… 743 руб

  • 16Kenny Scharf Kolors (2013)
    Published on the occasion of Scharf's exhibition, Kolors, at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York, (April 4 - May 4, 2013) this publication, produced in collaboration with Damiani and Standard Press… 1763 руб

  • 17Slammerkin , Donoghue Emma (2011)
    Set in London and Monmouth in the late 1700s, this is an extraordinary novel about Mary Saunders, the young daughter of a poor seamstress. Mary hungers greedily for fine clothes and ribbons, as… 859 руб

  • 18Five Children and It , E. Nesbit (1993)
    Its eyes were on long horns like a snail's eyes... it had ears like a bat's ears, and its tubby body was shaped like a spider's and covered with thick, soft fur... and it had hands and feet like a… 246 руб

  • 19Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters , Matt Ridley (2004)
    The most important investigation of genetic science since The Selfish Gene, from the author of the critically acclaimed and best-selling The Red Queen and The Origins of Virtue. The genome is our… 849 руб

  • 20Death at Victoria Dock , Kerry Greenwood (2014)
    The devastating Phryne Fisher is under fire again in her fourth mystery. A very young man with muddied hair, a pierced ear and a blue tattoo lies cradled in Phryne's arms. But sadly, it's not another… 449.5 руб