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  • 1A Sobering book. Explanation of the Book of Ecclesiastes , Priest Daniel Sysoev (2015)
    The good things of this world intoxicate a person; vanity despoils the soul and the mind, and sobriety is lost. The most-wise Ecclesiastcs understood that the soul is not capable of finding peace and… 204 руб

  • 2Rodney Stone , Arthur Conan Doyle (1909)
    She spoke in a beautiful, rich voice, with the most heart-broken thrill in it, but I could not conceal from myself that she appeared to be one of the most robust persons that I had ever seen, and I… 1484 руб

  • 3Drop the Pink Elephant. 15 Ways to Say What You Mean...and Mean What You Say , Bill McFarlan
    As GMTV anchor, I interview hundreds of people every year. However well they interview, every single person would find it easier to explain their case by following these simple principles. EAMONN… 1104.49 руб электронная книга

  • 4How to Be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without. 18 Ways to Become Indispensable , Glenn Shepard
    In his previous books, noted management consultant Glenn Shepard showed managers how to get the most from their workforce. Now, in How to Be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without, Shepard… 1169 руб электронная книга

  • 5Rodney Stone , Doyle Arthur Conan (2010)
    Эта книга репринт оригинального издания (издательство&34;London, Smith, Elder&co.&34;, 1909 год), созданный на основе электронной копии высокого разрешения, которую очистили и обработали вручную… 2144 UAH