• 1Meditation for Everyday Living , Кристина Роденбек (2016)
    Meditation for Everyday Living provides simple but effective meditation techniques to help you relax and still your mind within the demands of your own busy lifestyle. Drawn from meditation practices… 220

  • 2Meditation, Transformation, And Dream Yoga (2015)
    Meditation, Transformation, And Dream Yoga ISBN:9781559391832 2106

  • 3Meditation For Dummies , Stephan Bodian (1999)
    Meditation For Dummies ISBN:9780764551161 1891

  • 4Meditation in Action , Chogyam Trungpa (2015)
    Meditation in Action ISBN:9781590308769 1652

  • 5Meditation For Dummies, w_Audio CD, 3rd Edition (2013)
    This 3rd edition of Meditation For Dummies includes 20 percent new and revised content, including: Don`t Worry, Be Happy--with Meditation: New material investigating the recent research on the causes… 2370

  • 6Meditation For Beginners , Kornfield, Jack (2014)
    Ever though about trying meditation but didn`t know how to get started? With Meditation for Beginners Jack Kornfield shows you how simple it is to start - and stick with - a daily meditation… 963

  • 7Meditation: A Panacea , Neelam Sukhsohale,Sachin Sukhsohale and Sanjay Agrawal (2012)
    The most important journey you can take is the journey within. This is a journey to the truth of who you really are. This is the place, just beyond every day consciousness, where spiritual… 4889

  • 8Meditation on Emptiness (Revised) (1996)
    Emptiness is the key teaching of the Buddha, and this book is the most comprehensive and authoritative work on this subject. It also covers the important topics of meditation, dependent arising, the… 1163 руб

  • 9Meditation For Dummies, Portable Edition (2013)
    ISBN:9781119945628 1458

  • 10Meditation: Chill Out Classics for Quiet Moments , Roland Roberts (2004)
    ISBN:1904424449 1009

  • 11

    As countless meditators have learned firsthand, meditation practice can positively transform the way we see and experience our lives. This authoritative guide to Buddhist meditation will introduce… 931

    Throw out every idea you think you know about meditation--including that it can only be learned in expensive classes, that it requires achieving a completely `blank` mind, or that meditation can only… 1007

    Mindfulness meditation is an increasingly popular form of an ancient and powerful technique for reducing stress, elevating one`s mental state, and improving the practitioner`s overall quality of… 1056

  • 15The Sahjha Yoga Meditation and Life Style , Lt Dr. Rajeev Choudhary (2011)
    This book contains the research based significance of Sahaja Yoga Meditation especially on life style. Sahaja Yoga is a method of meditation which brings a breakthrough in the evolution of human… 4889

    With practical teachings and detailed instructions, Ken Wilber introduces Integral Mindfulness, a new way of practicing the widely popular meditation. Integral Mindfulness applies many of the… 832

  • 17Ayurveda, Yoga and Transcendental Meditation , Donn Brennan (2012)
    Ayurveda places significant emphasis on Yoga for health and defines it as `stillness of mind`. In this ancient Vedic tradition Yoga Asanas (postures), as practised in the West today, are a… 4889

  • 18Effects of Meditation on Stress of People in a Substance Abuse Program , Keeley Crowfoot (2014)
    The effects of meditation within substance abuse populations have had positive effects, from reducing drug and alcohol use (Special, 2010) to utilizing coping skills to managing cravings (Chen… 4979

    One week at a time, Moving into Meditation lays out a plan for exploring body-based practices to get you more in tune with not only your limbs and core but your mind and heart. Cushman`s curriculum… 1096

  • 20Seven Masters, One Path: Meditation Secrets from the World`s Greatest Teachers , John Selby (2009)
    Seven Masters, One Path brings together the seven primary practices of the world s most revered spiritual masters - Krishnamurti, Lao-tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Gurdjieff, and Patanjali - in one… 983

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