landscape perception

  • 1The Great Book of French Impressionism , Kelder Diane (2000)
    A celebration of the richness and exuberance of the world of French impressionism. It traces the development of impressionism from its roots in landscape and realist painting and examines the lives… 3959 руб

  • 2The Great Book of French Impressionism , Diane Kelder (1980)
    "The Great Book of French Impressionism" celebrates the richness and exuberance of the Impressionists's world - a world of light and color, of sunlit fields and shimmering waterscapes, of bustling… 1639 руб

  • 3Creative DSLR Photography: The Ultimate Creative Workflow Guide , Chris Weston, Chris Coe (2010)
    "Creative DSLR Photography" focuses on the creative composition skills needed to develop your own artistic style. Covering the key factors to be considered before, during and after the shoot, this… 539.5 руб

  • 4Falling Man , Don DeLillo (2011)
    "Searing, profoundly unsettling. An unforgettable novel" - "Sunday Times" . "Falling Man" begins on September 11, in the smoke and ash of the burning towers. In the days and the years following, we… 499.5 руб

  • 5Virilio and the Media , John Armitage
    In books such as The Aesthetics of Disappearance, War and Cinema, The Lost Dimension, and The Vision Machine, Paul Virilio has fundamentally changed how we think about contemporary media culture… 4288.7 руб электронная книга

  • 6Innovative Software Development in GIS , Bucher Benedicte
    At a time when people use more and more geographic information and tools, the management of geographical information in software systems still holds many challenges and motivates researchers from… 12483.68 руб электронная книга

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