• 81Street Lawer , Grisham J.
    Michael Brock is billing the hours, making the money, rushing relentlessly to the top of Drake&Sweeney, a giant D. C. law firm. One step away from partnership, Michael has it all. Then, in an… 759 руб

  • 82Sense and Sensibility , Austen Jane (2015)
    "Sense and Sensibility" is famously characterised as the story of two Dashwood sisters who embody the conflict between the oppressive nature of'civilised'society and the human desire for romantic… 333 руб

  • 83Pretty Baby , Kubica M. (2015)
    Heidi Wood has always been a charitable woman. Still, her husband and daughter are horrified when Heidi returns home one day with a young woman named Willow and her four-month-old baby in tow… 530 руб

  • 84Snowdrops , Miller A.D. (2018)
    Snowdrops. That's what the Russians call them - the bodies that float up into the light in the thaw. Drunks, most of them, and homeless people who just give up and lie down into the whiteness, and… 847 руб

  • 85The Gift , Ahern Cecelia (2017)
    Step into the magical world of Cecelia Ahern in this heartwarming bestseller. If you could wish for one gift this Christmas, what would it be? Lou Suffern wishes he could be in two places at once… 709 руб

  • 86The Gift , Ahern Cecelia (2018)
    Step into the magical world of Cecelia Ahern. If you could wish for one gift this Christmas, what would it be? Everyday Lou Suffern battled with the clock. He always had two places to be at the same… 888 руб

  • 87Absolute Zero , Patterson James, Chatterton Ed (2018)
    Cody Thurston is working his usual shift at the rough East London pub he calls home. When a group of out-of-towners walk in looking for trouble, Thurston sends them on their way using some… 315 руб

  • 88DMZ. Book 2 , Wood Brian (2014)
    In the near future, America's worst nightmare has come true. With military adventurism overseas bogging down the Army and National Guard, the U. S. government mistakenly neglects the very real threat… 806 руб

  • 89The Street Lawyer. Level 4 (+ CD-ROM) , Grisham John (2016)
    Michael is a successful lawyer with Drake and Sweeney. Then a homeless man attacks him. As Michael tries to discover who the man was, he uncovers a dangerous secret about Drake and Sweeney. American… 658 руб

  • 90The Stars are Fire , Shreve Anita (2018)
    The brilliantly gripping new novel from the New York Times best-selling author of The Pilot's Wife (an Oprah's Book Club selection). Hot breath on Grace's face. Claire is screaming, and Grace is on… 706 руб

  • 91No Good Deed , Niven J. (2018)
    What do you do when a homeless man knows your name?How about when he turns out to be a friend you haven’t seen in twenty years?Do you treat him to a hot meal and see him on his way?Give him a wad of… 655 руб

  • 92The Gift , Ahern Cecelia (2017)
    Step into the magical world of Cecelia Ahern in this heartwarming bestseller. If you could wish for one gift this Christmas, what would it be?Lou Suffern wishes he could be in two places at once. His… 1138 UAH

  • 93Rural Social Work. Building and Sustaining Community Capacity , Calvin Streeter L.
    A thoughtful text integrating strengths, assets, and capacity-building themes with contemporary issues in rural social work practice Now in its second edition, Rural Social Work is a collection of… 4632.99 руб электронная книга

  • 94Changing the U.S. Health Care System. Key Issues in Health Services Policy and Management , Gerald Kominski F.
    The Fourth Edition of Changing the U.S. Health Care System addresses the key topics in health care policy and management, presenting evidence-based views of current issues. Each chapter is written by… 7335.57 руб электронная книга

  • 95Active Global Seismology. Neotectonics and Earthquake Potential of the Eastern Mediterranean Region , Yucel Yilmaz
    Neotectonics involves the study of the motions and deformations of the Earth's crust that are current or recent in geologic time. The Mediterranean region is one of the most important regions for… 15440.38 руб электронная книга

  • 96Abby and the Bachelor Cop _ Misty and the Single Dad: Abby and the Bachelor Copy _ Misty and the Single Dad , Marion Lennox
    Abby and the Bachelor Cop Lawyer and bride-to-be Abigail had her life mapped out. Good job, wealthy fiancé – it was perfect…too perfect. Then gorgeous bad-boy-turned-cop Raff re-entered Abby’s life… 120.15 руб электронная книга

  • 97A Regency Officer's Wedding: The Admiral's Penniless Bride _ Marrying the Royal Marine , Carla Kelly
    Escape to a world of roguish rakes and daring debutantes with this incredible Regency collection from Mills&Boon.The Admiral’s Penniless Bride by Carla KellySally Paul is homeless and down to her… 120.15 руб электронная книга

  • 98Destitute On His Doorstep , Helen Dickson
    THE HOMELESS MISS LUCAS Destitute and desperate, Jane Lucas knows there is one place she can find refuge– her childhood home. Landing on the doorstep, Jane is confronted with a new Lord of the Manor… 120.15 руб электронная книга

  • 99His Pretend Mistress , Jessica Steele
    Thank goodness for charming, suave and handsome city hotshot Harris Quillan! Mallon had thought she was stranded and homeless until Harris came along. After hearing her story, he didn't hesitate to… 120.15 руб электронная книга

  • 100The Twelve Nights of Christmas , Sarah Morgan
    His housekeeper, or his Christmas present? Unexpectedly homeless for the festive season, and exhausted from transforming the penthouse of the hotel where she works into a dazzling winter wonderland… 304.76 руб электронная книга