• 141High-Performance Oracle. Proven Methods for Achieving Optimum Performance and Availability , Geoff Ingram
    "Geoff Ingram has met the challenge of presenting the complex process of managing Oracle performance. This book can support every technical person looking to resolve Oracle8i and Oracle9i performance… 3512.13 руб электронная книга

  • 142Eureka!. Scientific Breakthroughs that Changed the World , Leslie Horvitz Alan
    The common language of genius: Eureka! While the roads that lead to breakthrough scientific discovery can be as varied and complex as the human mind, the moment of insight for all scientists is… 2471.5 руб электронная книга

  • 143Guinness. The 250 Year Quest for the Perfect Pint , Bill Yenne
    A perfectly poured history of the world's greatest beer.«Joseph Conrad was wrong. The real journey into the Heart of Darkness is recounted within the pages of Bill Yenne's fine book. Guinness (the… 2113.78 руб электронная книга

  • 144The Brightonomicon , Robert Rankin (2006)
    Robert Rankin`s THE BRENTFORD TRILOGY - seven books and counting - catapulted him into the dizzy heights of cult success, but over the years that cult following has grown and Robert Rankin is now the… 769 UAH

  • 145A Companion to Werner Herzog , Brad Prager
    A Companion to Werner Herzog showcases over two dozen original scholarly essays examining nearly five decades of filmmaking by one of the most acclaimed and innovative figures in world cinema. First… 4366.75 руб электронная книга

  • 146Project Management. A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling , Harold Kerzner
    The bestselling project management text for students and professionals—now updated and expanded This Eleventh Edition of the bestselling «bible» of project management maintains the streamlined… 7726.69 руб электронная книга

  • 147The 2012 Pfeiffer Annual. Training , Elaine Biech
    The Leader in Resources for Training&HR Professionals for the Past Four Decades For 40 years, The Pfeiffer Annuals have helped professionals in the workplace learning and performance field to stay… 8585.21 руб электронная книга

  • 148America's Space Sentinels: The History of the DSP and Sbirs Satellite Systems , Richelson Jeffrey T. (2012)
    Originally published in 1999, America's Space Sentinels won the American Astronautical Society's prestigious Eugene Emme Astronautical Literature Award and quickly established itself as the… 4699 руб

  • 149Do You Think What You Think You Think? , Baggini Julian (2012)
    Is your brain ready for a thorough philosophical health check? Really, it won`t hurt a bit... Is what you believe coherent and consistent? Or is it a jumble of contradictions? If you could design… 965 UAH

  • 150The Roman Empire in Context. Historical and Comparative Perspectives , Raaflaub Kurt A.
    Through a series of original essays by leading international scholars, The Roman Empire in Context: Historical and Comparative Perspectives offers a comparative historical analysis of the Roman… 13342.2 руб электронная книга

  • 151Data-Driven Security. Analysis, Visualization and Dashboards , Rudis Bob
    Uncover hidden patterns of data and respond with countermeasures Security professionals need all the tools at their disposal to increase their visibility in order to prevent security breaches and… 3902.37 руб электронная книга

  • 152Meaning and Argument. An Introduction to Logic Through Language , Lepore Ernest
    Meaning and Argument is a popular introduction to philosophy of logic and philosophy of language. Offers a distinctive philosophical, rather than mathematical, approach to logic Concentrates on… 4288.7 руб электронная книга

  • 153Rene Magritte: The Fifth Season (2018)
    When Ren&# 233; Magritte reached his 40s, something unexpected happened. The painter, who had honed an iconic Surrealist style between 1926 and 1938, suddenly started making paintings that looked… 2998 руб

  • 154Rene Magritte: The Fifth Season (2018)
    When Ren&233; Magritte reached his 40s, something unexpected happened. The painter, who had honed an iconic Surrealist style between 1926 and 1938, suddenly started making paintings that looked… 3878 UAH

  • 155To Build a Fire and Other Stories
    To Build A Fire and Other Stories is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging collection of Jack London's short stories available in paperback. This superb volume brings together twenty-five of… 393 руб

  • 156Warlight , Ondaatje M. (2018)
    In a narrative as mysterious as memory itself– at once both shadowed and luminous – Warlight is a vivid, thrilling novel of violence and love, intrigue and desire. It is 1945, and London is still… 965 руб

  • 157The New Old House , Kristal Marc (2017)
    The New Old House presents 18 private historic homes, from North America to Europe, and traces the ingenious ways architects have revitalized and refreshed them for a new generation. Most of the… 4459 руб

  • 158The Confidence Game. Why We Fall for It... Every Time , Konnikova Maria (2017)
    Think you can't get conned? Think again. The New York Times bestselling author of Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes explains how to spot the con before they spot you. A compelling… 1161 руб

  • 159The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Weird Stories , Lovecraft H.P. (2001)
    A definitive edition of stories by the master of supernatural fiction Howard Phillips Lovecraft's unique contribution to American literature was a melding of traditional supernaturalism (derived… 1083 руб

  • 160How the French Live , Mazouz Siham (2018)
    At home with modern French families... Si Mazouz, curator of the popular blog FRENCHBYDESIGN, introduces a dozen sophisticated French families in her debut book, How the French Live to engage and… 2903 руб