• 1Constraint Satisfaction Problems. CSP Formalisms and Techniques , Khaled Ghedira
    A Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) consists of a set of variables, a domain of values for each variable and a set of constraints. The objective is to assign a value for each variable such that… 7409.57 руб электронная книга

  • 2Constraint Networks. Targeting Simplicity for Techniques and Algorithms , Christophe Lecoutre
    A major challenge in constraint programming is to develop efficient generic approaches to solve instances of the constraint satisfaction problem (CSP). With this aim in mind, this book provides an… 23258.13 руб электронная книга

  • 3Algorithms and Ordering Heuristics for Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems , Mohamed Wahbi
    DisCSP (Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problem) is a general framework for solving distributed problems arising in Distributed Artificial Intelligence. A wide variety of problems in artificial… 6254.98 руб электронная книга

  • 4Ant Colony Optimization and Constraint Programming , Christine Solnon
    Ant colony optimization is a metaheuristic which has been successfully applied to a wide range of combinatorial optimization problems. The author describes this metaheuristic and studies its… 12483.68 руб электронная книга

  • 5A Beautiful Constraint. How To Transform Your Limitations Into Advantages, and Why It's Everyone's Business , Adam Morgan
    An inspiring yet practical guide for transforming limitations into opportunities A Beautiful Constraint: How to Transform Your Limitations Into Advantages And Why It's Everyone's Business Now is a… 1951.19 руб электронная книга

  • 6Tree-based Graph Partitioning Constraint , Xavier Lorca
    Combinatorial problems based on graph partitioning enable us to mathematically represent and model many practical applications. Mission planning and the routing problems occurring in logistics… 8347.17 руб электронная книга

  • 7Introduction to the Explicit Finite Element Method for Nonlinear Transient Dynamics , Wu Shen R.
    A systematic introduction to the theories and formulations of the explicit finite element method As numerical technology continues to grow and evolve with industrial applications, understanding the… 10692.49 руб электронная книга

  • 8Loop-shaping Robust Control , Philippe Feyel
    The loop-shaping approach consists of obtaining a specification in relation to the open loop of the control from specifications regarding various closed loop transfers, because it is easier to work… 10269.66 руб электронная книга

  • 9A Room of One's Own&Three Guineas , Virginia Woolf (2000)
    A Room of One's Own, based on a lecture given at Girton College Cambridge, is one of the great feminist polemics, ranging in its themes from Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte to the silent fate of… 559 руб

  • 10Korea Style , Marcia Iwatate (2007)
    Korea Style reveals the intrinsic elements of Korean design; simplicity, moderation, constraint, and a deep respect for all things natural. Despite the filtering of Japanese and Western design ideas… 3817 руб

  • 11Guyana , Smock Kirk (2011)
    Jungle-clad and teeming with exotic wildlife, Guyana is a South American secret begging to be told. With its unique geography of coastal waters, mangroves, marshes, savannas, mountains and tropical… 1404 руб

  • 12Tarology , Enrique Enriquez (2011)
    In TAROLOGY Enrique Enriquez sees the Tarot de Marseille through the prism and science of pataphysics, the science of imaginary solutions. By following into the footsteps of Oulipian writers, he… 470.1 руб

  • 13The Female Nude in Art Photography (1992)
    What is the nude, more particularly the female nude? And what is nudity? Unfortunately it is often so that we, like draught horses, wear blinders, and thus see only what is straight ahead in front of… 2400 руб

  • 14Thinking Like a Lawyer: A New Introduction to Legal Reasoning , Frederick Schauer (2012)
    This primer on legal reasoning is aimed at law students and upper-level undergraduates. But it is also an original exposition of basic legal concepts that scholars and lawyers will find stimulating… 1889 руб

  • 15A Room of One's Own , Virginia Woolf (2015)
    A Room of One's Own is Virginia Woolf's most powerful feminist essay, justifying the need for women to possess intellectual freedom and financial independence. Based on a lecture given at Girton… 1239 руб

  • 16Dissonant Lives. Generations and Violence Through the German Dictatorships , Fulbrook Mary (2011)
    Dissonant Lives is not a standard'history of Germany'in the twentieth century, or even of the German dictatorships. It is concerned with the ways in which Germans of different ages and life stages… 5641 руб

  • 17Функциональное и логическое программирование , Г. М. Сергиевский, Н. Г. Волченков (2010)
    Рассмотрены основные результаты как в теоретической части, так и в части практического применения, накопленные к настоящему времени в области функционального и логического программирования. Показано… 1083 UAH

  • 18Korea Style , Marcia Iwatate (2007)
    Korea Style reveals the intrinsic elements of Korean design; simplicity, moderation, constraint, and a deep respect for all things natural. Despite the filtering of Japanese and Western design ideas… 4643 UAH

  • 19Metaheuristic Optimization for the Design of Automatic Control Laws , Guillaume Sandou
    The classic approach in Automatic Control relies on the use of simplified models of the systems and reformulations of the specifications. In this framework, the control law can be computed using… 5931.6 руб электронная книга

  • 20Planning and Integration of Refinery and Petrochemical Operations , Elkamel Ali
    Clearly divided into three main sections, this practical book familiarizes readers with the area of planning in petroleum refining and petrochemical industry, while introducing several planning and… 9287.64 руб электронная книга

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