• 1Alter Ego: Niveau 5: Cahier de perfectionnement , Annie Berthet,Cédric Louvel (2010)
    Pour les niveaux C1> C2 Le cahier de perfectionnement d’Alter Ego 5 vient en complément du livre de l’élève, dont il suit la structure en 12 dossiers. Il propose des… 268 UAH

  • 2Seismic Vulnerability of Structures , Philippe Gueguen
    This book is focused on the seismic vulnerability assessment methods, applied to existing buildings, describing several behaviors and new approaches for assessment on a large scale (urban area). It… 12483.68 руб электронная книга

  • 3Network Coding , Khaldoun Agha Al
    Network coding, a relatively new area of research, has evolved from the theoretical level to become a tool used to optimize the performance of communication networks– wired, cellular, ad hoc, etc… 10848.59 руб электронная книга

  • 4Textual Information Access. Statistical Models , Gaussier Eric
    This book presents statistical models that have recently been developed within several research communities to access information contained in text collections. The problems considered are linked to… 14985.1 руб электронная книга