• 1Broadcast Design (+ CD-ROM) , Bjorn Bartholdy (2007)
    Broadcast design and television branding bear an important prominence in our world today. Audiovisual design, in terms of content and technology, is fast-paced: the TV landscape faces great changes… 1461 руб

  • 2News Flash. Journalism, Infotainment and the Bottom-Line Business of Broadcast News , Bonnie Anderson
    While talking heads debate the media's alleged conservative or liberal bias, award-winning journalist Bonnie Anderson knows that the problem with television news isn't about the Left versus the… 2263.37 руб электронная книга

  • 3Media Production, Delivery and Interaction for Platform Independent Systems. Format-Agnostic Media , Graham Thomas
    Presents current trends and potential future developments by leading researchers in immersive media production, delivery, rendering and interaction The underlying audio and video processing… 9112.14 руб электронная книга

  • 4A Companion to the History of American Broadcasting , Aniko Bodroghkozy
    Presented in a single volume, this engaging review reflects on the scholarship and the historical development of American broadcasting A Companion to the History of American Broadcasting… 13983.49 руб электронная книга

  • 5175 High-Impact Cover Letters , Richard Beatty H.
    The ultimate guide to cover letters that will set you apart from the pack-revised, updated, and ready for anything . . . 175 High-Impact Cover Letters, Third Edition arms job seekers with an arsenal… 2341.42 руб электронная книга

  • 6Digital Audio Broadcasting. Principles and Applications of DAB, DAB + and DMB , Lauterbach Thomas
    Digital Audio Broadcasting revised with the latest standards and updates of all new developments The new digital broadcast system family is very different from existing conventional broadcast… 13268.06 руб электронная книга

  • 7Voices of Ghana. Literary Contributions to the Ghana Broadcasting System, 1955-57 (2018)
    Ghana's first radio programme of original literature, The Singing Net, began in 1955 as part of the development of a national radio station in the years leading to independence in 1957. It's central… 5857 руб

  • 8The Murder at the Vicarage , Agatha Christie (2005)
    A new tie-in edition of Agatha Christie's bestseller, to coincide with the broadcast of the new movie on ITV starring Geraldine McEwan. Includes a full colour plate section, a 'making of' essay… 579 руб

  • 9D&AD 09: The Best Advertising and Design in the World (2010)
    The professional's annual - finally available to the public. TASCHEN has teamed with D&AD to make its previously exclusive and highly-coveted Annual - featuring the year's best creative work … 2357 руб

  • 10Headway New Advanced (Students` Book) , Soars Liz (2010)
    The long-awaited, totally new edition of the Advanced level, providing a real challenge and stimulus for Advanced learners. - Building on the original Headway Advanced grammar syllabus, challenging… 2086 руб

  • 11Quest: Listening and Speaking in the Academic World. Book 1 , Blass (2006)
    Chapters in the "Quest Listening and Speaking" books follow a consistent 5-part chapter structure that builds in difficulty and blends listening and speaking skills within the context of a particular… 1066 руб

  • 12Quest: Introduction to Listening and Speaking, Student Book , Laurie Blass (2006)
    Quest Second Edition parallels and accelerates the process native-speaking students go through when they prepare for success in a variety of academic subjects. Quest helps students get "up to speed"… 855 руб

  • 13Challenges 4. Student's Book , Anna Sikorzynska (2007)
    General theme In this level the theme of challenge is present in such topics as getting involved in voluntary work, the Olympic Games, overcoming a disadvantaged childhood (Waris Dirie), and saving… 1130 руб

  • 14Sugar daddy diaries , Croydon Helen (2011)
    Frustrated with her stalled career as a broadcast journalist and uninspired by dating naive and needy guys her own age, Helen Croydon joins a website to seek an older man. She expects it to be just a… 710 руб

  • 15Stalking Susan , Kramer Julie (2009)
    Introducing Riley Spartz, a spunky, clever, and endearing investigative reporter on the trail of a serial killer targeting women named Susan, murdering one on the same day each year. Riley Spartz, TV… 592 руб

  • 16One Show Design: v. 3 , Club One (2010)
    One Show Design, Volume 3 features all of the winners from the 2009 One Show Design competition. With categories including brand and corporate identity, package, environmental and broadcast design… 3055 руб

  • 17The World at War (на английском языке) , Holmes Richard (2012)
    Издание полностью на английском языке. A definitive television work on the Second World War. It set out to tell the story of the war through the testimony of key participants - from civilians to… 643 руб

  • 18Quest: Listening and Speaking in the Academic World: Book 1 , Laurie Blass and Pamela Hartmann (2007)
    Chapters in the "Quest Listening and Speaking" books follow a consistent 5-part chapter structure that builds in difficulty and blends listening and speaking skills within the context of a particular… 319 руб

  • 19Quest: Intro: Listening And Speaking , Laurie Blass and Pamela Hartmann (2007)
    Quest Second Edition prepares students for academic success. The series features two complementary strands - Reading and Writing and Listening and Speaking - each with four levels. The integrated… 305 руб

  • 20Stories of the Chinese: Intensive Audiovisual and Reading Course of Intermediate Chinese (+ DVD-ROM и CD) (2009)
    The textbook is adapted from the documentaries of the same title broadcast in China Central Television. There are two volumes in this set of textbooks, with a total of 16 lessons. Each volume is… 3171 руб