• 1Biomass and organic carbon stocks in the soils , Mohamed Boulmane,Maria del Carmen Santa-Regina and Ignacio Santa-Regina (2013)
    Currently, the aims of a biomass studies are to elucidate energy and nutrient cycles. The available data concerning biomass and nutrients mostly refer to conifers and a few other major commercial… 4889

  • 2Biomass Transfer , Dargo Kebede (2012)
    Sorghum production is often constrained by low soil fertility resulting from continuous cropping with minimum or no input which in turn encourages striga infestation. Field experiment was conducted… 4889

  • 3Biomass Burning in Ghana , Bismark Quarku Parker (2011)
    The burning of vegetation is a very common practice in Ghana especially in the savanna zones. However, very little local scientific information is available about the impact of the practice on the… 4889

  • 4Biomass-based Thermal Power Generation , Augustine Akuoko Kwarteng (2013)
    Ghana, like most Sub-Saharan African countries, is plagued with a persistent trend of inadequate power supply. Such a situation has a ripple effect on all sectors of the economy. Currently, efforts… 4979

  • 5Biomass Production Potent. of Products in contact with Drinking Water , European Commission European Commission and Joint Research Centre Joint Research Centre (2013)
    In the framework of the European Acceptance Scheme for approval and certification of products in contacts with drinking water, the Biomass Production Potential (BPP) test for assessment the microbial… 2894

  • 6Biomass Based Power Projects In Tamil Nadu, India - An Review , P. Ganesh Pandian,D. Kavitha and B. Palanikumaran (2013)
    The non-renewable sources are the main raw material for energy generation which are of at depleting stage and there is an urgent need to explore new sources of raw material, there comes the green… 3582

  • 7Biomass Production of Cenchrus ciliaris , Rajkumari Parwani (2012)
    Plants have many diverse uses which have direct or indirect bearing on the civilization of human society. It is important to utilize these plant resources. Range lands are extensive tracks of arid… 4889

  • 8Biomass estimation of Redwood stands in California using LIDAR , Hai Vuong (2014)
    The core of this book focuses on the Lidar Data Viewer (LDV) method compared with TreeVaW method and how it is effective in tree mapping that is the process matching Lidar-derived tree top with… 3881

  • 9Biomass based Carbon&its Application , S. K . Tripathi and Amrita Jain (2013)
    Carbon materials are one of the most abundant and versatile materials known to us and can be found in its different forms such as graphite, diamond, carbon nano-tubes, graphene, fullerene, activated… 3582

  • 10Biomass Energy: Renewable Energy For Power Generation , Samodini Nevase,Chittaranjan Gangde and Sandip Gangil (2012)
    The current research work was followed by biomass based 20 kW power plant for electricity generation. The Prosopis juliflora selected as fuel for down draft gasifier. Characterization of producer gas… 4889

  • 11Biomass Combustion and Indoor Air Pollution in Tanzania , Doglas Benjamin (2011)
    80% of families in Foo Village, Hai District Tanzania use simple three stones stoves (wood fires stoves), normal charcoal stoves, improve charcoal stove, improved wood stove and kerosene stoves… 4889

  • 12Biomass Pretreatment And Organosolv Delignification Process , Yakindra Timilsena (2013)
    With the depletion of petroleum fuels in conjunction with their detrimental effect on environment, lignocellulosic feedstocks are being sought for the best alternatives for renewable fuels, materials… 4979

  • 13Development of a Small Downdraft Biomass Gasifier , Md. Adil Chawdhury (2012)
    Biomass gasification has been receiving increasing attention as a potential renewable energy source for the last few decades. This attempt involved designing, developing and testing a small downdraft… 4889

  • 14Plant Biomass as a Renewable Source of Biofuels and Biochemicals , Michael Ioelovich (2013)
    In this paper, structure, composition and properties of the non-edible plant biomass of various origins were described. Besides, some thermal, chemical and biological methods for the biomass… 2883

  • 15Evaluation of Yeast Biomass Production Using Molasses and Supplements , Tamene Milkessa Jiru and Dawit Abate (2014)
    Two yeast isolates, one from teff dough and another from tella, out of total fifty isolates were screened and identified through morphological and physiological tests and found Saccharamyces species… 3582

  • 16Woody Biomass Assessment with Multi-Resolution Satellite Data , Laxmikant Sharma (2014)
    Forest woody biomass is directly related to indicators of forests sustainable development, forest productivity and ecosystem processes. Monitoring the aboveground forest woody biomass changes can… 4979

  • 17Residues and Wastes Biomass in Egypt , Amal Owis and Yasser El - Tahlawy (2014)
    Total area of Egypt is about million Km2, about 97% desert and only 5% of the land area is actually occupied with less than 4% of the land is suitable for agriculture. Today, the biomass extractions… 3582

  • 18Allometric Modelling for Tropical Tree Species Biomass Estimation , Bishwajit Roy,Md. Habibur Rahman and Most. Jannatul Fardusi (2012)
    In 1997 Kyoto Protocol was signed by the nations of developed countries to reduce the emission of green house gases (GHG) to combat the effects of climate change. GHGs emission to atmosphere can be… 4889

  • 19Recycling of Weed Biomass for Nitrogen Economy in Summer Rice , Shamim Akhtar Shamim (2013)
    This is a reference book which describes importance, use and basic information relevant to recycling of weed biomass for nitrogen economy in summer rice. India with very large land area having… 4979

  • 20Cofluidisation Characteristics of Coal and Biomass Mixture , Sundararaj Subramanian (2012)
    Fluidization properties of fluidised bed containing coal and biomass mixtures, such as pressure drop, friction factor, superficial velocity and Reynolds Number are analysed and comparison of… 4889

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