• 1Production and reproduction performance of Arsi HF crossbred dairy cow , Teshome Gedefa Biffa,Ajebu Nurfeta and Nega Tola (2014)
    The production performance of Arsi Holstein Friesian crossbred in this study was better as compared with that of pure Zebu breeds. However, the production and reproduction performance of Arsi-HF… 3582

  • 2Land Use Land Cover Dynamics in Arsi Negele District,Oromia, Ethiopia , Mikias Molla (2015)
    The aim of this research paper was to assess the spatial and temporal land use land cover changes in Arsi Negele District. Rapid population growth and agricultural expansion,degradation of natural… 3582

  • 3Cultural Childrearing among Arsi Oromo and Child Rights , Bedada Beyene Gebre (2013)
    Childrearing includes all practices, patterns and beliefs carried out by caregivers or parents to promote child survival and development. This study is intended to describe the cultural childrearing… 4979

  • 4Management Of Cabbage Flea Beetle On Ethiopian Mustard, In Arsi Zone , Getachew Bokore (2014)
    The effect of varying seed rate and screening of insecticides were done in Kulumsa Agricultural Research Center by sowing Yellow Dodolla mustard in year 2011. The experiments were laid-out in a… 3582

  • 5Animal Health&Production Problems in Arsi&East Showa Zones,Oromia , Hunduma Dinka (2012)
    Further study is recommended to design appropriate disease control strategies to boost the production and productivity of the livestock in the area. For this all institutions working in the area of… 4889

  • 6Economic Efficiency of Maize Production In Arsi Negelle, Ethiopia , Musa H. Ahmed (2014)
    Though agriculture remains to be the most important sector of the Ethiopian economy, its performance has been disappointing and food production has been lagging behind population growth. This gap… 4979

  • 7Raw Milk Quality And Supply Chain Analysis In Arsi Zone, Ethiopia , Fisseha Kassahun Kebede,Jurgen Greiling and Mekonnen Hailemariam (2011)
    This text is necessary because of the considerable importance of understanding dairy husbandry practices, milk marketing systems and physicochemical properties and microbiological quality of milk… 4889

  • 8Ethiopia: The Politics of Development (2011)
    Behind any development agenda prevails a reason, motives, objectives or other value of political character either explicitly or implicitly. After all, development takes place in a political… 4012

  • 9Evaluation of Cheddar and Cottage Cheese Production from Doe and Ewe , Bezaye Taye and Dr. Eng. Shimelis Admassu (2011)
    The study was aimed to produce cheddar and cottage cheese from doe and ewe milk. The sources of milk were from Arsi Negele and Kofele areas of Oromiya region of Ethiopia. Cheddar cheeses were made… 4889

  • 10GIS Based Assessment of Land Use_Cover Change and Soil Loss , Terefe Abebe (2013)
    The influence of human activities on land has brought various global environmental changes. Particularly, the impacts on forest and soil resources are very severe. In developing countries like… 3582

  • 11Gender Disparity in Agricultural Extension Service Delivery , Kaba Merga,Ranjan S. Karippai and Teklu Tesfaye (2012)
    The study analyzed the gender disparity in agricultural extension service delivery between female- headed and male-headed households in Gedeb Woreda of West Arsi zone. The specific objectives were to… 4889

  • 12Interval Method to Estimate Lactation Yield , Oumer Wabe,B. P. Hedge and Girma Abebe (2011)
    To test the accuracy of 30-day TIM with 15 and 45-day TIM of milk recording to estimate the lactation yield and to measure the effect of genetic group, parity and season of calving on the accuracy… 4889

  • 13The Impact of Training and Development on Employees Performance , Getahun Gebrekidan (2014)
    The quality of human resource is considered by many to be the key and most important resources of an organization especially in education sector. The effectiveness and success of an education sector… 4979

  • 14The Role of Riddle and Children Play in Pre-School Education , Mohammed Nemo (2015)
    Riddles are very crucial in creating nationalist and patriot citizens when compared with other types of oral narratives. It plays a vital role in promoting language skills especially speaking and… 4979

  • 15Value Chain Analysis Of Nensebo Coffee, Oromia, Ethiopia , Mohammed Hassan Ebro (2013)
    This study conducted to analyse coffee value chain in Nensebo district of West Arsi zone. Nensebo district offers great potential forest coffee, largely untapped due to poor harvesting and… 4979

  • 16Forest and Livelihoods in Developing Countries (2011)
    The present book entitled: Forest and Livelihoods in Developing Countries: Towards Sustainable Tropical Forest Management and Conservation`` contains explanations and discussions regarding: Forest… 3858

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