• 141Практическое руководство по доступу к данным (+ DVD-ROM) , Джон Гудсон, Роб Стюард (2013)
    Показано, насколько значительно промежуточный слой программного обеспечения может влиять на производительность приложений. Обсуждаются принципы и практическиеметоды разработки кода, применимые ко… 434 руб

  • 142Delphi 2005 для . NET , Евгений Марков, Владимир Никифоров (2005)
    Рассмотрены практические аспекты программирования в Borland Delphi 2005 для . NET. Описаны вопросы реализации . NET в Delphi, а также синтаксис и объектные модели двух языков программирования … 403 руб

  • 143Delphi 7 (+ CD-ROM) , Анатолий Хомоненко, Владимир Гофман, Евгений Мещеряков (2010)
    Рассмотрена разработка приложений в Delphi 7 - наиболее популярной версии системы визуального программирования. Описаны основы языка программирования Delphi, а также компоненты, свойства, методы и… 516 руб

  • 144Программирование в Delphi для Windows. Версии 2006, 2007, Turbo Delphi (+ CD-ROM) , А. Я. Архангельский (2010)
    Книга содержит методические и справочные материалы по версиям системы визуализации объектно-ориентированного программирования Delphi: 2005, 2006 и Turbo Delphi. Дается методика построения прикладных… 472 руб

  • 145Использование Visual Basic 6. Классическое издание , Брайан Сайлер и Джефф Споттс (2007)
    В этой книге описана новая версия популярной системы программирования Visual Basic 6. Изложение материала построено по принципу "от простого к сложному" . Первые главы этой книги адресованы новичкам… 378 руб

  • 146Thailand (2007)
    The long-standing Michelin Travel Guides are an ideal travel companion for travelers who really want to connect with the world. Get to know the local way of life through detailed background… 1078 руб

  • 147Rome (2007)
    Visit the Vatican. Marvel at the Colosseum. Relax on the piazzas. For people who want to see more: Sights and attractions rated by the Michelin star system; Suggested driving tours; 51 easy-to-use… 161.7 руб

  • 148Paris: Berlitz Pocket Guide , Martin Gostelow (2012)
    Packed with all the information you need. What to See: Comprehensive coverage of Paris's attractions: the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Louvre and much more. What to Do: From world-class shopping to… 424 руб

  • 149Shanghai: City Guide (2011)
    Top sights: Full pictorial coverage brings to life every main attraction. Editor's top tips: reveal lesser-known sights, family activities, money-saving hints. Unbeatable insights: local writers… 999 руб

  • 150Insight Guides: Singapore City Guide (2011)
    City Guide Singapore is a full-color guidebook to one of Asia's top destinations. Our Best of Singapore section recommendations will help you make the most of your time, selecting where to go for the… 780.5 руб

  • 151Vietnam: Step by Step , Adam Bray (2011)
    Step-by-Step Vietnam is a brand new guide to this exciting country, revealed through a selection of clearly laid-out walks and tours, complemented by beautiful, full-color pictures, an authoritative… 394.5 руб

  • 152Maldives: Pocket Guide , Royston Ellis (2012)
    From the capital, Male, to the northern and southern atolls, this guide features extensive information about all the resorts as well as information on the key diving sites. Colour-coded sections help… 649 руб

  • 153Insight Guides: Copenhagen Step by Step , Antonia Cunningham (2012)
    "Insight Guides: Copenhagen Step by Step" is a guide to this attractive port city and its surroundings, with a selection of clearly laid-out walks and tours, complemented by beautiful, full-color… 341.7 руб

  • 154New York: City Guide (2012)
    City Guide New York is a comprehensive guidebook to one of North America’s most exciting destinations. Full-color photography combines with the lively text to help you discover the real Big Apple… 840.5 руб

  • 155Insight Guides: Southern China and Hong Kong (2007)
    This guide to Southern China includes a full run-down on the essential places to see from South China Sea to the to the Himalayas, with dedicated coverage of major attractions including: Hong Kong… 554.5 руб

  • 156Las Vegas: Step by Step (2008)
    Take a fresh approach to Las Vegas with this "Step by Step" guide, part of a brand new, stylishly designed series from Insight Guides. Lavishly illustrated in full colour, this book features 15… 859 руб

  • 157Peru: Insight Pocket Guide (+ Map) , Peter Frost (2012)
    This is the guide that answers the questions you'd ask a friend who lived in Peru. Which places are really worth seeing? What excursions shouldn't be missed? Where are the great places tourists… 799 руб

  • 158Insight Pocket Guide: Phuket , Steve Van Beek (2012)
    This brand new edition of the Insight Pocket Guide to Phuket is the essential companion for your trip. Expertly written by a local author, it brings you the very best of the region in a series of 10… 619 руб

  • 159Insight Pocket Guide: Slovenia (2013)
    This is the guide that answers the questions you'd ask a friend who lived in Slovenia. Which places are really worth seeing? Where are the great places tourists haven't yet discovered? Written by a… 1069 руб

  • 160Insight Pocket Guide: Switzerland , Vivien Stone (2010)
    This brand new edition Insight Pocket Guide is the ideal companion for your trip to Switzerland. Expertly written by a local author, it features 15 tailor-made itineraries designed to cover all the… 946 руб