• 1Snoop Troop: It Came from Beneath the Playground , Kirk Scroggs (2014)
    Every newly independent reader will be rolling on the floor - and has a chance to solve the mystery - in this wildly wacky mash-up of chapter book and graphic novel, with art on every page… 474.5 руб

  • 2The Girl From Everywhere , Heilig Heidi (2016)
    It was the kind of August day that hinted at monsoons, and the year was 1774, though not for very much longer. Sixteen-year-old Nix Song is a time-traveller. She, her father and their mish-mash crew… 655 руб

  • 3Tacos: An Interactive Recipe Book , Nieminen Lotta (2018)
    For kids who cook in a play kitchen or a real kitchen, this interactive recipe book invites readers to chop the vegetables, mash the avocado, warm the tortillas, and more - all inside the book! Step… 1122 руб

  • 4Beg, Steal and Borrow. Artists Against Originality , Shore Robert (2017)
    Art is theft, Picasso once proclaimed. The wily old Spaniard was being provocative he often equated theft to what could more benignly be called influence. But increasingly much of the best and, even… 1326 руб