advertising management

  • 41The International Dictionary of Event Management (2001)
    Event management has a language all its own, one that is expanding rapidly as the event marketplace keeps pace with today's increasingly global economy. Because effective communication is the key to… 4870.5 руб

  • 42Collection Management Handbook: The Art of Getting Paid , A. Michael Coleman (2004)
    You don’t have to be gifted to be a great credit collector. All you need is a desire to learn from the best... and that’s the level of expertise this exhaustively researched volume puts right at your… 3378.6 руб

  • 43Art Management: Entrepreneurial Style , Giep Hagoort (2004)
    Much has been written about how to successfully manage commercial businesses, but the literature on managing cultural organizations is comparatively scarce. In this unique book, Giep Hagoort draws on… 928.5 руб

  • 44Corporate Cash Management: Strategy and Practice , Philippa Foster Back (1997)
    Management of cash resources is crucial to smooth operation of all companies. This book offers a practical guide to intricacies of cash management, using everyday situations to illustrate how… 3532.2 руб

  • 45Key Concepts in Human Resource Management , Jonathan Sutherland, Diane Canwell (2004)
    Key Concepts in Human Resource Management is one of a range of comprehensive glossaries with entries arranged alphabetically for easy reference. All major concepts, terms, theories and theorists are… 2809 руб

  • 46Intellectual Property and Innovation Management in Small Firms , Edited by Robert A. Blackburn
    Intellectual Property (IP) and innovation are key management issues for today's enterprise. This timely book combines research on SMEs, IP and innovation. Drawing on original material from the ESR… 6522 руб

  • 47Perspectives on Intellectual Capital: Multidisciplinary Insights Into Management, Measurement, and Reporting (2005)
    Perspectives on Intellectual Capital bridges the disciplinary gaps and facilitates knowledge transfer across disciplines, featuring views on intellectual capital from the fields of accounting… 2959.5 руб

  • 48Portfolio Theory and Investment Management , Richard Dobbins, Stephen F. Witt, John Fielding (1994)
    Since the first edition of this book was published, significant developments have modified the general view of the efficient market hypothesis. This fully revised second edition provides a major… 592.2 руб

  • 49Management and Marketing with Mini-Dictionary , Ian MacKenzie (1997)
    "Management and Marketing" is a language practice book for students of English working in these areas or currently studying them before embarking on a career in business. It is suitable for all… 1569 руб

  • 50Remaking Management: Between Global and Local (2008)
    Remaking Management examines current theories of change or continuity of work practices in the context of fashionable claims about unstoppable globalization or unmoveable national business systems… 4248.6 руб

  • 51Advertising and Satirical Culture in the Romantic Period , John Strachan (2009)
    Advertising, which developed in the late eighteenth century as an increasingly sophisticated and widespread form of brand marketing, would seem a separate world from that of the "literature" of its… 3049.5 руб

  • 52Scenario Logic and Probabilistic Management of Risk in Business and Engineering (Applied Optimization) , E.D. Solojentsev (2004)
    Book DescriptionIn this volume the methodological aspects of the scenario logic and probabilistic (LP) non-success risk management are considered. The theoretical bases of scenario non-success risk… 3786.9 руб

  • 53Construction Project Management Body of Knowledge , Chiu-Chi Wei (2012)
    Largely relying on individual experience, most construction project managers do not have a set of comprehensive rules for management processes or even a management system. They rely at times on… 945 руб

  • 54Liquidity Strategies for Financial Institutions and Corporates: The Art of Cash Management , John Bertrand (2012)
    In a credit-squeezed market, cash and liquid instruments rule - find out how to drive the effectiveness and efficiency of your company's cash The focus on cash has intensified since the financial… 3824.4 руб

  • 55The A-Z of Facilities Property Management , David M. Martin (2008)
    This major new reference work, in an easy-to-use A-Z format, covers all aspects of facilities and property strategy, administration and control, backed up by a wealth of practical suggestions. All… 977.7 руб

  • 56PgMP Program Management Professional All-in-One Exam Guide , Joseph Phillips (2008)
    Get full coverage of all the material included on the PgMP Program Management Professional exam inside this comprehensive resource. Written by industry expert, trainer, and project management… 1806.3 руб

  • 57Market Leader: International Management: Business English , Adrian Pilbeam (2000)
    From the world's most informed business sources... a new language course for tomorrow's business leaders. Market Leader is an extensive new Business English course which brings the real world of… 1469 руб

  • 58Mid-Century Fashion and Advertising Photography , Helburn William (2014)
    William Helburn was the go-to photographer for many of the top advertising agencies in New York in the 1950s and 1960s. Shock value and an unrelenting hunger for success helped Helburn to a pioneer s… 3393 руб

  • 59Cost Management: Measuring, Monitoring, and Motivating Performance , Leslie G. Eldenburg, Susan K. Wolcott (2004)
    Cost Management " was written in response to changes in the global business environment. Unbridled access to information and intense competition has meant that cost accounting has become an… 4251.6 руб

  • 60Project Management for Dummies , Nick Graham (2015)
    Get projects done on time, on budget, and with maximum efficiency - fully updated UK edition! In today's time-pressured and cost-conscious global business environment, reliable project management and… 2049 руб