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  • 2Dynamics of Large Herbivore Populations in Changing Environments. Towards Appropriate Models , Norman Owen-Smith
    This book aims to reconcile theoretical models of population dynamics with what is currently known about the population dynamics of large mammalian herbivores. It arose from a working group… 13552.21 руб электронная книга

  • 3Business English at Work. Student Text Premium OLC Content Package , Joanne Miller (2006)
    Written in a conversational tone, this text takes a totally new learning approach to relating business English to the workplace. Up-to-date topics of telecommunications, customer service, online… 1451 руб

  • 4The Idiot , Fyodor Dostoevsky (2008)
    Into a compellingly real portrait of nineteenth-century Russian society, Dostoevsky introduces his ideal hero, the saintly Prince Myshkin. The tensions subsequently unleashed by the hero's innocence… 585 руб

  • 5Hello Jojo Pupil's Book , Naomi Simmons (2009)
    Hello Jojo develops a love of learning English through fun and motivating games, stories and songs for very young learners. It is ideal for children who are not yet reading or writing. It can be used… 1496 руб

  • 6Hello Jojo Activity Book 2 , Naomi Simmons (2009)
    Hello Jojo develops a love of learning English through fun and motivating games, stories and songs for very young learners. It is ideal for children who are not yet reading or writing. It can be used… 763 руб

  • 7Hello Jojo. Teacher's Book , Simmons Naomi (2009)
    The Teacher's Book provides simple step-by-step plans for each lesson in the book. There are also additional activities to accommodate different lesson lengths and number of teaching hours, and… 2598 руб

  • 8The Origins of Order: Self Organization and Selection in Evolution , Kauffman Stuart A. (1993)
    This monograph extends the basic concepts of Darwinian evolution to accommodate recent findings and perspectives from the fields of biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics. The book drives to the… 5984 руб

  • 9The Architectures of Atelier Bow-Wow: Behaviorology , Bow-Wow Atelier (2010)
    The first book to document the Tokyo-based architectural firm, one of the most innovative practices working today. Achieving near cult status among architectural students around the world, Yoshiharu… 2325 руб

  • 10Terry John Woods'Summer House , Woods Terry John (2011)
    Summer House captures the feeling that summer evokes with memories that last beyond the season itself. In this book, author of STC's successful New Farmhouse Style, Terry John Woods explores the… 3014 руб

  • 11Aesthetic Creation , Nick Zangwill (2012)
    What is the purpose of a work of art? What drives us to make art? Why do we value art and consume it? Nick Zangwill argues that we cannot understand the nature of art without first having answers to… 1029.6 руб

  • 12Accountant's Guide to the Internet , Eric E. Cohen (2000)
    This updated and revised authoritative guide is essential to finding business resources and opportunities available in cyberspace. Written by a practicing С PA, this key reference arrives hilly… 2535 руб

  • 13Yoga Mama: The Practitioner’s Guide to Prenatal Yoga , Linda Sparrowe (2016)
    You've been practicing yoga for years. It is a part of the way you live, move, and breathe. And then… you get pregnant. Pregnancy can throw any woman a curve ball. Even established and experienced… 1512 руб

  • 14The Politics of Identity in Irish Drama: W. B. Yeats, Augusta Gregory and J. M. Synge , George Cusack (2009)
    This study examines the early dramatic works of Yeats, Synge, and Gregory in the context of late colonial Ireland's unique socio-political landscape. By contextualizing each author's work within the… 1677 руб

  • 15Principles of Microeconomics. Fourth Edition , Robert H. Frank (2008)
    In recent years, innovative texts in mathematics, science, foreign languages, and other fields have achieved dramatic pedagogical gains by abandoning the traditional encyclopedic approach in favor of… 4394 руб

  • 16Men of Achievement (1995)
    It is now a quarter of a century since the first of four editions of "Two Thousand Men of Achievement" was published by the International Biographical Centre, then in London and for the last… 520 руб

  • 17Villa America , Liza Klaussmann (2016)
    Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso, Cole and Linda Porter, Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos - all are summer guests of Gerald and Sara Murphy. Visionary, misunderstood, and from vastly… 979 руб

  • 18Life in the Country House in Georgian Ireland , McCarthy Patricia (2016)
    For aristocrats and gentry in 18th-century Ireland, the townhouses and country estates they resided in were carefully constructed to accommodate their cultivated lifestyles. Based on new research… 4394 руб

  • 19Deflationism and Paradox
    Deflationist accounts of truth are widely held in contemporary philosophy: they seek to show that truth is a dispensable concept with no metaphysical depth. However, logical paradoxes present… 3675 руб

  • 20Родни "Пайгойя" . Чан: художник, психолог и философ , Ерохин С. (2010)
    Родни «Пайгойя» Чаи — знаковая фигура в современном американском искусстве: художник, искусствовед, психолог, философ, писатель, галерист, куратор и, кроме того, преуспевающий зубной врач. Чан один… 434 руб

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