• 41Stumbling Giant: The Threats to China's Future , Timothy Beardson (2013)
    While dozens of recent books and articles have predicted the near-certainty of China's rise to global supremacy, this book boldly counters such widely-held assumptions. Timothy Beardson brings to… 513 руб

  • 42Parasite , Mira Grant (2014)
    A decade in the future, humanity thrives in the absence of disease. We owe our good health to a humble parasite. The Intestinal Bodyguard protects us from illness, boosts our immune system - even… 193.5 руб

  • 43Entretiens Sur Le Fils Naturel. Paradoxe Sur Le Comedien , Diderot Denis (1993)
    Paradoxe sur le com&# 233;dien est un essai sur le th&# 233;&# 226;tre r&# 233;dig&# 233; sous forme de dialogue par Denis Diderot entre 1773 et 1777 et publi&# 233;&# 224; titre posthume en 1830… 723 руб

  • 44East of Eden , Steinbeck John (2014)
    There is only one book to a man. Steinbeck wrote of East of Eden. Set in the rich farmland of the Salinas Valley, California, this powerful, often brutal novel, follows the interwined destinies of… 847 руб

  • 45The Zahir , Пауло Коэльо (2006)
    От издателя:One day a renowned author discovers that his wife, a war correspondent, has disappeared leaving no trace. Though time brings more success and new love, he remains mystified - and… 127 UAH

  • 46A Study in Scarlet: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure , Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (2013)
    "There's the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it..." After a harrowing tour in Afghanistan, Dr Watson returns to London to convalesce… 239 руб

  • 47Platform , Houellebecq Michel (2003)
    Michel is a civil-servant at the Ministry of Culture. When his father is murdered, Michel takes leave of absence to go on a package tour to Thailand. Infuriated by the shallow hypocrisy and… 887 руб

  • 48Human Remains , Haynes Elizabeth (2013)
    How well do you know your neighbours? Would you notice if they lived or died? Police analyst Annabel wouldn't describe herself as lonely. Her work keeps her busy and the needs of her ageing mother… 1005 руб

  • 49The Days of Abandonment , Elena Ferrante (2005)
    This compelling novel that shocked audiences in Europe with its unsentimental and unyielding depiction of motherhood, marriage and solitude, tells the story of one woman's headlong descent into what… 1033 руб

  • 50Thirteen Days of Midnight , Leo Hunt (2015)
    When Luke Manchett's estranged father dies suddenly, he leaves his son a dark inheritance. Luke has been left in charge of his father's ghost collection: eight restless spirits. They want revenge for… 859 руб

  • 51Testing English: Formative and Summative Approaches to English Assessment , Marshall Bethan (2011)
    Testing English considers why English is such a difficult subject to assess summatively and takes the view that English is an arts subject rather than one which is quantifiable and assessable… 1982 руб

  • 52The Death of Achilles , Борис Акунин (2006)
    Erast Fandorin returns to Moscow, and he just can&# 039;t seem to keep out of trouble... The fourth novel in the bestselling crime series from the author of THE WINTER QUEEN. Erast Fandorin returns… 333 UAH

  • 53The Secrets of Wiscombe Chase , Кристин Мэррилл (2016)
    Though Gerald Wiscombe left for war a naive boy, he returns a man determined to claim what&# 039;s rightfully his! But when Gerry suspects that his wife has been less than faithful in his absence, he… 183 UAH

  • 54The Hateful Eight , Tarantino Q.
    Academy Award-winning screenwriter Quentin Tarantino returns with his most infamous, most brilliant, most masterful screenplay yet... At the end of the Civil War, a stagecoach hurtles through the… 1754 руб

  • 55The Prehistory of Language (2009)
    When, why, and how did language evolve? Why do only humans have language? This book looks at these and other questions about the origins and evolution of language. It does so via a rich diversity of… 3312 руб

  • 56Does the Elephant Dance? Contemporary Indian Foreign Policy , David M. Malone (2011)
    India today looms large globally, where it hardly loomed at all twenty years ago. It is likely to be a key global actor throughout the twenty-first century and could well emerge soon as one of the… 3446 руб

  • 57A Woman Killed with Kindness and Other Domestic Plays
    Arden of Faversham * A Woman Killed with Kindness * The Witch of Edmonton * The English Traveller In about 1590, an unknown dramatist had the idea of writing a tragedy about the lives of ordinary… 800 руб

  • 58The Sea House , Freud Esther (2004)
    The architect Klaus Lehmann loves his wife, Elsa, with a passion that continues throughout their married life, despite long periods of separation. Almost half a century after Lehmann's death in the… 731 руб

  • 59Statuettes of the Art Deco Period , Shayo Alberto (2016)
    It is a vast world one enters when writing on the statuettes of the Art Deco era: both in terms of the number of artists that contributed to it, and the number of figures they created. This book… 5184 руб

  • 60Le Petit Prince: La Nouvelle Mission , Fabrice Colin (2015)
    Parti&# 224; la recherche de la plan&# 232;te des roses, le Petit Prince ne se doute pas du danger qui guette... Car le Serpent est bien d&# 233;cid&# 233;&# 224; profiter de son absence et du chaos… 818 руб

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