• 61Rebel Threads (2017)
    Featuring over 1300 examples of rare vintage clothing, from the swing, counterculture and blank generation eras, detailed photographs and factual stories of the clothes origins, alongside many… 3271 руб

  • 62Pablo Picasso (2017)
    Although he is best known for pioneering Cubism, Picasso’s works over a prolific seven-decade career are characterized by an impressive stylistic eclecticism and engage with almost every major… 1195 руб

  • 63Party Animals! (2017)
    A one-of-a-kind publication filled with colorful party animals that folds out into a six-foot tower of fun. Do you know the hoopoe? Today is the birthday of this beautiful bird, and all her animal… 1501 руб

  • 64Holidays in Soviet Sanatoriums (2017)
    Architecturally diverse and ideologically staunch, Soviet sanatoriums were intended to edify and invigorate. Visiting a Soviet sanatorium is like stepping back in time. Originally built in the 1920s… 1914 руб

  • 65John Galliano: Unseen (2017)
    John Galliano’s (b. 1960) ascent in the world of fashion design was swift and filled with acclaim for his bold, quick-witted sensibility and his theatrical flair. He became head designer for Givenchy… 4600 руб

  • 66French House Chic (2018)
    Here at last is the new book from Jane Webster, the poster girl for upping sticks and following your dreams. More than ten years ago, she bought a virtually derelict chateau in Normandy, and in the… 2941 руб

  • 67Henri Matisse (2017)
    Henri Matisse created an oeuvre that is unparalleled in its brilliance and originality. His colorfully luminescent paintings are a sweeping affirmation of joie - de - vivre, levity and sensitivity… 1195 руб

  • 68Emerald
    Lavishly illustrated and exquisitely designed, this book opens with a stunning series of images of style icons historic and modern wearing their favoured emerald jewelry. As befits a prized gemstone… 8695 руб

  • 69Calling Mrs Christmas , Matthews Carole (2014)
    Cassie Smith has been out of work for a while but she has an idea. Drawing on her love of Christmas, she begins charging for small things: wrapping presents; writing cards; tree-decorating. She's… 1137 руб

  • 70Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece
    Rodin, famous for The Thinker and The Kiss, was captivated by the sculptures of Classical antiquity and he constantly reworked and assimilated the forms of ancient Greek and Roman art in his own… 4058 руб

  • 71What I've Learned (2018)
    Inspirational interviews with 28 world-renowned designers and architects shed light on the experiences that have influenced their lives and work. The regular feature What I’ve Learned in Frame… 2899 руб

  • 72Vincent's Portraits (2018)
    Despite his posthumous fame as a painter of flowers, still lifes, gardens, landscapes, and city scenes, Vincent van Gogh himself believed that his portraits constituted his most important works. Like… 1287 руб

  • 73The Spirit of the Bauhaus (2018)
    “Architects, sculptors, painters, we all must return to the crafts!” declared architect Walter Gropius in his Bauhaus manifesto. Founded in 1919 as an art school in Weimar, the Bauhaus established… 4637 руб

  • 74The Fashion Designer's Textile Directory
    Here is the fabric and textile directory that dressmakers and fashion designers everywhere have been waiting for. This book is like having your own personal shopper - able to recommend fabrics to… 2608 руб

  • 75The New Creative Home (2018)
    As one of the world’s leading creative hubs, an inspirational combination of quirky British style and lively cosmopolitanism, London is home to designers, stylists, and artists from around the globe… 2313 руб

  • 76Modern Art
    The first in a new series of essential introductions to art, Modern Art guides the reader through individual movements from Impressionism to Conceptual Art, situated within five broader chronological… 1314 руб

  • 77Monet's Trees: Paintings and Drawings by Claude Monet
    “I perhaps owe it to flowers,” wrote Claude Monet (1840–1926), “that I became a painter.” His fascination with trees, while perhaps of equal intensity, is less well-documented. One of the leading… 1501 руб

  • 7818th-Century Fashion in Detail , Hart Avril (2018)
    A rare, close-up look at the exquisite, labor-intensive details seen in fine eighteenth century clothing 2328 руб

  • 79Flora Magnifica: The Art of Flowers in Four Seasons (2018)
    This sumptuous book is not a reference work, nor it is simply a collection of beautiful flowers. It is the product of a longstanding collaboration between renowned flower artist Makoto and botanical… 2841 руб

  • 80The Thames&Hudson Dictionary of Photography (2018)
    Here is a comprehensive, accessible and authoritative illustrated reference to the history, art and science of photography. In one single, elegant volume, it features over 300 iconic photographs and… 3473 руб