• 21Best-Dressed Pets: A Sticker&Coloring Book
    Who's the most stylish schnauzer or dashing dalmatian in town? You decide! Join the best-dressed pets and their owners and choose their sticker outfits for their action-packed calendar - whether it's… 988 руб

  • 22Chanel: Catwalk (2016)
    Ever since his first show for the house in 1983, Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel collections have consistently made headlines and dictated trends the world over. For the first time, every Chanel collection… 4487 руб

  • 23Contemporary Chinese Art
    In this first systematic introduction to contemporary Chinese art, Wu Hung provides an accessible, focused and much-needed narrative of the development of Chinese art across all media from the 1970s… 6956 руб

  • 24The Vegetable Garden , Dressendorfer Werner (2012)
    This is an art book for food lovers. It features mouthwatering illustrations of 19th century French garden vegetables. The French company Vilmorin-Andrieux&Cie arose in the 18th century from the… 3950 руб

  • 25Alvaro Siza, Complete Works 1954-2012 , Jodidio Philip (2013)
    The seminal book on Portugal's master architectWhen alvaro Siza, one of the great figures of contemporary architecture, won the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 1992, the Jury citation describes his… 11285 руб

  • 26Bartholomaus Schachman (1559-1614). The Art of Travel
    A detailed account of a fascinating journey through the Ottoman Empire from 1588 to 1589 Traveller and explorer, art patron and collector, benefactor and connoisseur, politician and Danzig mayor… 6774 руб

  • 27Beautiful Cats
    Cats were revered by the ancient Egyptians, beloved by the witches of Salem - and now find themselves celebrated in this delightful tribute. Sashaying in front of our photographer's lens are 40 of… 1647 руб

  • 28Beautiful Dogs
    Sit? Rollover? Beg? There arent any crowd-pleasing tricks performed by the canine beauties on these pages, as their stunning portraits are enough to arrest your attention. Featuring 43 of the worlds… 1647 руб

  • 29Best Loved Villages of France
    An insider’s tour of France’s most beloved and beautiful villages uncovers the country’s hidden treasures. The Best Loved Villages of France brings the reader on a tour of forty-four of the country’s… 2403 руб

  • 30Robert Doisneau
    Doisneau’s photographs evoke nostalgia for the days when the now vanished Les Halles market,'the belly of Paris,'sprawled across the center of the city. From fur-clad socialites to burly market… 2724 руб

  • 31The Thames&Hudson Dictionary of Photography
    The comprehensive, accessible and authoritative illustrated reference to the history, art and science of photography. In one single, elegant volume, this publication features over 300 iconic… 7535 руб

  • 32Thankless in Death
    He looked at his hands, covered with her blood, at the wild spatters of it on the walls. An artist, he mused. Maybe he should be an artist. Murder doesn't stop for Thanksgiving. As NYPSD Lieutenant… 773 руб

  • 33Deborah Feingold: Music
    Made over the past three decades, photographer Deborah Feingold's iconic portraits are filled with personality, simplicity and eloquence. Her portraits of figures as varied as musical icons, famed… 1697 руб

  • 34The Stolen Ones
    Destroyed by fire years ago, the infamous Philadelphia State Hospital was known as a warehouse for the criminally insane. But one man never left. By night Luther walks Philadelphia's backstreets; by… 1137 руб

  • 35Gordian Knot
    Young lawyer Georg Polger gives up a comfortable existence in Germany to work as a freelance translator in the South of France. But business in the picturesque village is far from booming, and Georg… 1263 руб

  • 36Robert Ludlums the Bourne Imperative
    When jason bourne pulls a drowning man from a lake, he discovers that the man is not only freezing - but bleeding profusely from a gun-shot wound. He wakes as an amnesiac, with no memory of who he is… 1709 руб

  • 37Fractured Times
    Born almost a hundred years ago in Vienna - the cultural heart of a bourgeois Mitteleurope - Eric Hobsbawm, who was to become one of the most brilliant and original historians of our age, was… 1390 руб

  • 38Concealed in Death
    There is nothing unusual about billionaire roarke supervising work on his new property - but when he takes a ceremonial swing at the first wall to be knocked down, he uncovers the body of a girl. And… 1279 руб

  • 39The Country Escape
    Hidden amid lush parkland, Eardisford is the ultimate English country retreat and it's just been sold for the first time in its history. Romantic daredevil Kat Mason has been bequeathed the estate's… 1044 руб

  • 40The Gates of Paradise
    Schuyler Van Alen is running out of time. The Dark Prince of Hell is storming the Gates of Paradise, intent on winning the heavenly throne for good. This time he has his greatest angels by his side… 1044 руб