Cézanne Paul

  • 1Paul Cezanne_Rainer Maria Rilke. The 1907 Paris Exhibition (2018)
    A piece by piece reconstruction of the legendary 1907 C&# 233;zanne memorial exhibition in Paris, visited and described by Rainer Maria Rilke in his letters to his wife Clara 4204 руб

  • 2Cezanne: Metamorphoses , Eiling Alexander (2017)
    This remarkable thematic survey offers up an entirely new way of looking at and thinking about Paul C&# 233;zanne’s oeuvre. As an artist, Paul C&# 233;zanne sought to capture the secrets and essence… 4666 руб

  • 3Cezanne , Ульрике Бекс-Малорни (2001)
    От издателя: He was the founding father of modern art, the grand master who pointed painting forward on its way from Impressionism to the 20th century: Paul C е zanne (1839-1906). In Paris, but above… 330 UAH

  • 4Alexei Jawlensky (2017)
    Focusing on one of the lesser known Expressionist artists of the Blue Rider movement, this richly illustrated book presents the colorful paintings of Alexei Jawlensky. Alexei Jawlensky (1864–1941)… 4355 руб

  • 5The Hidden Cezanne: From Sketchbook to Canvas , Haldemann Anita (2017)
    Like many artists, Paul Cezanne started his great paintings by sketching his ideas on paper. This book recreates some of Cezanne's sketchbooks as it delves into the Kunstmuseum Basel's collection of… 5051 руб