Sheoran or Sheorayan or Shivrain (श्योराण/ श्योरायण/ शिवरायण) is gotra of Jats, who exist mainly in Bhiwani, Hissar in Haryana and Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan. They are also found in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh.


Sheoran is a branch of Shivi Jats who ruled in Malwa and Rajasthan. When they moved from Malwa to Rajasthan, one group also moved to Neemrana, where they were found at the time of Emperor Humanyun. [Thakur Deshraj, Jat Itihas, p.596]

According to the bard of this dynasty, King Gaj of Ghazni had two sons named Mangal Rao and Masur Rao. Mangal Rao was the ruler of Lahore and Masur Rao of Sialkot. Foreign invaders drove both of them out of their kingdoms. Masur Rao fled away to the deserts of Rajasthan. He had two sons named Abhai Rao and Saran Rao. Descendants of Abhai Rao came to be called Bhurhya Bhatti and those of Saran Rao, Saran. Mangal Rao had six sons, named Mojam Rao, Gulrish, Moolraj, Sheoraj, Kewal Rao and Phul Rao. Descendants of Gulrish came to be called Gloraya or Kiliraya, those of Moolraj, Munda and those of Sheoraj, Sheoran. Descendants of Kewal Rao and Phul Rao adopted pottery as their profession and were called Kumhar. [Ram Swarup Joon: History of the Jats, Rohtak, India (1938, 1967)]

The Sheoran gotra is a big gotra having 52 villages in Loharu, 25 in Charkhi Dadri, 25 big villages in Hisar, 5 villages in Aligarh, 2 villages near Shamli close to Muzaffarnagar in UP and a big village in Abohar named Kullar. People belonging to Kiliraya and Munda gotras are found in Bikaner State. sheoran also village nizampur....


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