Dhariwal (clan)

Dhariwal (clan)

Dhariwal (धारीवाल) are a clan of Jats found in both India and Pakistan.



One branch of the Mudgals was called Dharan. Later on, these people were known as Dhariwals.[citation needed]

Chandragupta II married his daughter, Prabhavati with Rudrasena II of the Vakataka dynasty of Deccan. Rudrasena II died fortuitously after a very short reign in 390 AD, following which Prabhavati ruled as a regent on behalf of her two sons. In the Riddhapura copper-plate inscription, she mentioned her gotra as Dharan.[citation needed]

Sardar Jai Singh Dhariwal was included in twelve misls of the Sikhs.[citation needed]

The family Dhariwal

The family Dhariwal, belongs to the landed gentry and is known in India, in Faisalabad, Rabwah and in Sergodha. (Pakistan) . Nowadays, a lot of them moved to Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA.[citation needed]

Other meaning

Dhariwal is a small town in border district of Gurdaspur, Punjab. Situated on National Highway No.15, 50 km from Amritsar to Pathankot.[citation needed] The town was once renowned for its woolens as New Egerton Woolen Mills of British India Company was in operation since 1920.[citation needed] The trade name of woolens was Lal Imli- Dhariwal with a trademark of "SHEEP".[citation needed]


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