tumble about

tumble about
[ʹtʌmb(ə)ləʹbaʋt] phr v
1. кувыркаться

to tumble about in the water - бултыхаться в воде

the monkeys tumbled about all the time - обезьяны всё время кувыркались

2. 1) беспокойно ворочаться, метаться (в постели)
2) метаться, скакать; мелькать, роиться (о мыслях)
3. pass быть разбросанным; лежать в беспорядке

hills lie tumbled about in a sort of mad confusion - кругом в хаотическом беспорядке лежат холмы

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  • Tumble — Tum ble, v. t. 1. To turn over; to turn or throw about, as for examination or search; to roll or move in a rough, coarse, or unceremonious manner; to throw down or headlong; to precipitate; sometimes with over, about, etc.; as, to tumble books or …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • tumble — [tum′bəl] vi. tumbled, tumbling [ME tumblen, freq. of tumben < OE tumbian, to fall, jump, dance; akin to Ger tummeln, taumeln < OHG * tumalon, freq. of tumon, to turn < IE base * dheu , to be turbid > DULL] 1. to do somersaults,… …   English World dictionary

  • Tumble — Tum ble, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Tumbled}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Tumbling}.] [OE. tumblen, AS. tumbian to turn heels over head, to dance violently; akin to D. tuimelen to fall, Sw. tumla, Dan. tumle, Icel. tumba; and cf. G. taumeln to reel, to stagger.]… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • tumble — (v.) c.1300, to perform as an acrobat, also to fall down, perhaps from a frequentative form of O.E. tumbian dance about, of unknown origin. Related to M.L.G. tummelen to turn, dance, Du. tuimelen to tumble, O.H.G. tumon, Ger. taumeln to turn,… …   Etymology dictionary

  • tumble over — 1. To toss about carelessly, to upset 2. To fall over • • • Main Entry: ↑tumble …   Useful english dictionary

  • Tumble turn — A tumble turn, or flip turn is a technique used by swimmers to reverse the direction in which they are swimming. It is usually done when the swimmer reaches the end of the swimming pool but still has one or more lengths to swim.The technique s… …   Wikipedia

  • tumble — [c]/ˈtʌmbəl / (say tumbuhl) verb (tumbled, tumbling) –verb (i) 1. to roll or fall over or down as by losing footing, support, or equilibrium: to tumble down the stairs. 2. to fall rapidly, as stock market prices. 3. to perform leaps, springs,… …   Australian English dictionary

  • tumble — tum|ble1 [ tʌmbl ] verb intransitive 1. ) if a price or value tumbles, it suddenly becomes much lower: Unemployment tumbled to 5.6% in November. 2. ) if a building or other structure tumbles or tumbles down, it falls to the ground: It seemed that …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • tumble — /tum beuhl/, v., tumbled, tumbling, n. v.i. 1. to fall helplessly down, end over end, as by losing one s footing, support, or equilibrium; plunge headlong: to tumble down the stairs. 2. to roll end over end, as in falling: The stones tumbled down …   Universalium

  • tumble — I UK [ˈtʌmb(ə)l] / US verb [intransitive] Word forms tumble : present tense I/you/we/they tumble he/she/it tumbles present participle tumbling past tense tumbled past participle tumbled 1) if a price or value tumbles, it suddenly becomes much… …   English dictionary

  • tumble — v. & n. v. 1 intr. & tr. fall or cause to fall suddenly, clumsily, or headlong. 2 intr. fall rapidly in amount etc. (prices tumbled). 3 intr. (often foll. by about, around) roll or toss erratically or helplessly to and fro. 4 intr. move or rush… …   Useful english dictionary


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