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abide at
abide at проживать в каком-л. месте; оставаться The king went to visit hisdaughter and abode in her palace for ten days.

Англо-русский словарь. — М.: Советская энциклопедия. . 1969.

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  • Abide — A*bide , v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Abode}, formerly {Abid}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Abiding}.] [AS. [=a]b[=i]dan; pref. [=a] (cf. Goth. us , G. er , orig. meaning out) + b[=i]dan to bide. See {Bide}.] 1. To wait; to pause; to delay. [Obs.] Chaucer. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Abide With Me — [Abide With Me] a Christian ↑hymn, written in the 18th century. It is sometimes sung at funerals, and English football supporters traditionally sing it at the ↑FA ↑Cup Final …   Useful english dictionary

  • abide — [ə bīd′] vi. abode [ə bōd′] or abided, abiding [ME abiden < OE ābīdan < ā , intens. + bīdan, BIDE] 1. to stand fast; remain; go on being 2. Archaic to stay; reside ( in or at) vt. 1. to await …   English World dictionary

  • Abide with Me — Infobox Hymn Name = Abide with Me MusicBy = William Henry Monk WordsBy = Henry Francis Lyte Published = OrigLanguage = English TranslatedBy = TranslatedPub = Meter = 10 10 10 10 TradMelodyName = Eventide Misc = Abide with Me is a Christian hymn… …   Wikipedia

  • abide with me — Meaning Origin Henry Francis Lyte s hymn Abide with Me, traditionally sung at the English FA Cup Final. Abide with me; fast falls the eventide The darkness deepens; Lord, with me abide When other helpers fail, and comforts flee, Help of the… …   Meaning and origin of phrases

  • abide — Synonyms and related words: abide in, abide with, accede, accept, adhere, await, be big, be coextensive with, be comprised in, be constituted by, be contained in, be content with, be easy with, be present in, be still, bear, bear with, berth,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • abide — verb /əˈbaɪd,əˈbaɪd/ a) To stay; to continue in a place; to have ones abode; to dwell; to sojourn; with with before a person, and commonly with at or in before a place. Let the damsel abide with us a few days …   Wiktionary

  • abide — verb (abode or abided; abiding) Etymology: Middle English, from Old English ābīdan, from ā , perfective prefix + bīdan to bide; akin to Old High German ir , perfective prefix more at bide Date: before 12th century transitive verb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • abide by — verb a) To accept a decision or law and act in accordance with it; to conform to; to acquiesce; as, to abide by an award. The poor fellow was obstinate enough to abide by what he said at first b) To remain faithful to something or someone; to… …   Wiktionary

  • Abide With Me — a Christian hymn, written in the 18th century. It is sometimes sung at funerals, and English football supporters traditionally sing it at the FA Cup Final. * * * …   Universalium

  • abide — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) v. dwell, reside, live, stay; tolerate, endure, submit (to); remain, stay. See abode, durability, feeling. Ant., proceed, depart. II (Roget s IV) v. 1. [To submit to] Syn. put up with, bear, bear with,… …   English dictionary for students


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