a wee bit это:

a wee bit
a wee bit немножко

Англо-русский словарь. — М.: Советская энциклопедия. . 1969.

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  • a wee bit — informal : by a very small amount or to a very small degree She s a wee bit late. [=a little bit late] I m a wee bit confused. • • • Main Entry: ↑wee …   Useful english dictionary

  • wee — wee1 [wi:] adj [usually before noun] [Date: 1400 1500; Origin: wee small amount, short time (13 20 centuries), from Old English wAge weight ] 1.) informal very small used especially in Scottish English ▪ My wee boy is three. 2.) a wee bit… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • wee — 1 adjective (usually before noun) 1 ScotE or informal very small: a wee kitten 2 a wee bit informal to a small degree: I m a wee bit tired. 3 the wee (small) hours ScotE and AmE the early hours of the morning, just after midnight small hours BrE… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • wee — [[t]wi͟ː[/t]] wees, weeing, weed 1) ADJ: ADJ n Wee means small in size or extent. [SCOTTISH, INFORMAL] I ve got a wee kitten in the flat... He just needs to calm down a wee bit. Syn: little 2) VERB To wee means to urinate. Wee is an informa …   English dictionary

  • wee — I. /wi / (say wee) adjective (weer, weest) 1. little; very small: just a wee bit, thanks. –phrase 2. the wee (small) hours, the hours immediately following midnight. {Middle English we, variant of wei (small) quantity, Old English wēg weight,… …   Australian English dictionary

  • wee — 1. adj. (weer; weest) 1 esp. Sc. little; very small. 2 colloq. tiny; extremely small (a wee bit). Etymology: orig. Sc. noun, f. north.ME wei (small) quantity f. Anglian weg: cf. WEY 2. n. esp. Brit. sl. = WEE WEE …   Useful english dictionary

  • wee — (adj.) extremely small, mid 15c., from earlier noun use in sense of quantity, amount (Cf. a littel wei a little thing or amount, c.1300), from O.E. wæge weight (see WEIGH (Cf. weigh)). Adj. use wee bit apparently developed as parallel to such… …   Etymology dictionary

  • a — acar·a·pis; ac·a·ri·a·sis; ac·a·ri·a·sis; ac·a·ri·na; ac·a·ri·nar·i·um; ac·a·rine; ac·a·ri·nol·o·gy; ac·a·ri·no·sis; ac·a·ro·ce·cid·i·um; ac·a·roid; ac·a·rol·o·gist; ac·a·rol·o·gy; ac·a·ro·pho·bia; ac·a·rus; acat·a·lep·sy; acat·a·lex·is;… …   English syllables

  • bit — noun (esp. BrE) 1 a bit small amount ADJECTIVE ▪ little, teensy (informal), wee (esp. BrE) ▪ He helped me a little bit in the afternoon. PHRASES ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

  • a bit — adverb to a small degree; somewhat (Freq. 21) it s a bit warm felt a little better a trifle smaller • Syn: ↑a little, ↑a trifle * * * somewhat; …   Useful english dictionary

  • wee — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} noun (informal, esp. BrE) VERB + WEE ▪ do, have, take ▪ be bursting for, need, want ▪ Mummy, I need a wee …   Collocations dictionary


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